Why do I let wedding albums produce in Italy and how do they look like

best white wedding album

Wedding album. I perceive it as a record of small big one-day story which you will show to your children and grandchildren one day. It’s a memory to your “big day“, an investment to a family wealth, which can survive centuries. So that’s the reason why I don’t like to save money on albums. Take a look at albums which I let produce for my clients.

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Simona and Neil, Czech-British wedding in Chateau st. Havel

Czech British wedding in Prague

Great red and white decoration, tireless creeping baby always on ground and extraordinary wedding.

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Slovakian-france wedding in one hundred spires Prague

wedding photography of bride and groom in the grass

Slovakian-france couple chose one-hundred spires Prague for their wedding. Love doesn't know borders...

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