Wedding photographer Radek Cepelak

Radek was an avid photographer since he was in high school. At the time, it was a non-digital era, where he found inspiration in his father, with whom he often spent developing film in a dark room.

He began to specialize in wedding photographer several years ago, when asked to photograph a wedding for one of his close friends. From that experience and the positive accolades he received on his work, he received numerous offers and subsequent motivation to pursue wedding photography as both a passion and a specialization.

Radek believes that wedding photography is both a challenge and a responsibility. According to Radek, "These images mark the beginning of an exciting journey for not only married couples, but also for generations to come. That is why I insist that a wedding story must be captured as the wedding day unravels."

His approach to wedding photography consists of an artistic reportage of the most natural sense, preferring an emphasis on non-stylized, non-arranged moments. While photographing clients and subjects Radek is highly creative and imaginative, which results in a visual collection of precious and memorable moments. He believes that the photographer's role throughout a photographic session is to be somewhat "invisible," where he "revels in the ability to blend in to the wedding party and render his presence almost absent to those being captured."

For these reasons, Radek has always recommended that the wedding couple opt for an entire day of photography. He envisions a final wedding album which will allow the couple to reminisce on the unfolding events of the entire day just as it was, and not merely the conventional images one might expect.

Your wedding day is a hugely significant milestone and a symbol of the start of a magical journey between two people. You and your loved ones will always be able savour the moments and reminisce on this blissful day through the images captured.

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