Wedding story: Eli and Thomas hot summer wedding in Brno

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Wedding details: wedding was photographed on 3.8.2013 in Brno, Czech Republic


Statement of newly married couple:

"A wedding is a unique moment for everybody in their life. It is the entry of two people into a new chapter of their life and it is the responsibility of the wedding photographer to catch those moments full of emotion so all of those unrepeatable moments of a wedding day can be kept. Often it is said that wedding cake will be eaten, wedding wine or Slivovice will be drunk, wedding flowers will fade, but wedding rings and wedding pictures will stay forever. Everybody wishes to enjoy his or her wedding day, to eat well, to have fun and to have only nice memories of this day. Radek is a sympathetic, creative photographer with attention to detail and he is consistent in his job. Perfect atmosphere, peace and constant the smile on Radek's face made it a pleasure to be photographed. We did not even realize how quickly the time passed, it was spontaneous, relaxed, fun and cheerful and all of that despite the tropical weather that day. We would like to thank Radek that with his approach and professionalism he contributed to that most pleasant wedding day. We have got wonderful and lively memories full of happiness and joy from our wedding day. Thank you once again."

Eli and Thomas