Wedding story: Elena and Nikolai, great wedding at Newtown hall in Prague

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Wedding details: wedding was photographed on 20.9.2013 at Newtown hall in Prague 


Statement of newly married couple:

We are finding Radek's pictures very interesting, appropriately reflecting happiness and life's light moments. We were clear about the choice of our wedding photographer to whom we entrusted this responsible and very demanding function. The final pictures completely exceeded our expectations! It is amazing how Radek approached our requests and how brilliantly, beautifully and artistically he captured our life's moments. The pictures which keep our wedding memories are irreplaceable. All of our friends and relatives were amazed by Radek's professionalism. On behalf of our family we would like to thank Radek for such a high quality job and we wish him a lot of success in his profession."

Elena and Nikolai