Why do I let wedding albums produce in Italy and how do they look like

Wedding album. I perceive it as a record of small big one-day story which you will show to your children and grandchildren one day. It's a memory to your "big day", an investment to a family wealth, which can survive centuries. So that's the reason why I don't like to save money on albums. Take a look at albums which I let produce for my clients.

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Wedding at mill Hodejovice, Czech-French wedding with VW Beatle

Czech-French wedding of great couple with mint VW Beatle. This wedding was an amazing event!

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Wedding in the Hodejovice mill of Theresa and Wenceslas

Czech barn wedding of Theresa and Wenceslas in Hodejovice mill with nice floral decoration.

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Wedding in horse riding barn Hejtmánkovice

Emotional wedding ceremony, freezing summer temperature and amazing sky with dramatic clouds. That's what I can say about this great wedding.

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Wedding Lucy and Rob at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Prague

Perfect May wedding of Lucy and Rob in Mandarin Oriental hotel in Prague - nice venue surrounded by old town Prague scenery.

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Slovakian wedding of Janka and Marcel at barn Greta

The environment and scenery have perfectly completed this wonderful wedding. With a little bit of exaggeration, we can say that we traveled all around the High Tatras mountains and enjoyed the look to them everywhere from Ždiar to the beautiful barn of Greta near dam Liptovská Mara.

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Gabi and Daniel wedding in Karlovy Vary

I’ve never been at wedding with such exotic surprise and I know I will never see it again. Check the photos on this blog what kind of surprise was waiting for newlywed couple.

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Mariya and Claudiu Ukrainian-Romanian wedding in Prague

Orthodox wedding in a very tiny church with really interesting atmosphere - that was the wedding ceremony of Mariya and Claudiu. I really recommend to take a look at this interesting wedding in a wooden carpathian orthodox church in Prague.

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Wedding of Alice a Joseph at golf resort Yard

Amazing bridal wedding bouquet, ceremony spiced with breathing orchestra - relaxed april wedding day.

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Wedding of Michaela and David in The Old Town Hall tower in Prague

Despite all wedding planning problems that Michaela and David had, they planned nice wedding with great vintage car BMW 501.

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